Don't Chew and run at the same time!
For a new upcoming animation, check out the attached pic.
Based on the idea of ratglue and being stuck to something really sticky, with a slight coating mix~
The Mud Shove: Side A (Released!)
https://cleverderpys-cartoon-saloon.....d-shove-side-a (NSFW)
^^^ You can buy it here for 5 dollars to support my future works ^^^
Trailer here:
In a world full of anthros and humans, there lies a fine trust... There is a story to be told where test is trusted, and the results can be rather... Unforgiving.

This, is a story, of karma, and bad choices, there's always a price to pay for being a mean person, as a human will learn soon enough.

From Executive Animator: CleverDerpy and Story Writer TyzelDraws comes a tale where no crime goes unpunished... And quicksand isn't the only bad guy.

This is... The Mud Shove!
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